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The Lobby in the Arte Luise Hotel in Berlin

more than art in the hotel

Over 50 artists have realized concepts specially designed for individual rooms of the hotel, creating places of retreat that set the mood for a visit to the museums or galleries in the art city of Berlin but that also offer guests a source of inspiration or quiet reflection.

The entire room is incorporated into an artist’s concept, including the furniture and any other accessories. No two rooms in the hotel are alike. Each room is unique, and the only thing that the rooms share is the high quality of the concepts behind each hotel room. We have been described as “a gallery where you can spend a night” or “a museum for a night,” which is not quite true, since most guests stay not just one night, but several.

Even upon arrival guests are greeted by sculptures and installations in the lobby. En route to a room in the historical building, guests pass through a sequence of philosophical passages on the walls of the stairwell. The entire building is dedicated to art. Even the smoker’s lounge has an artistic accent.

Passage to the courtyard in the lobby
Works of art in the Arte Luise Hotel

room with a golden bed and red velvet curtains
Hospitality since 1827

Already 180 years ago guests of wealthy citizens and aristocrats were made to feel at home in the old city palais that now houses the hotel "Arte Luise Kunsthotel". Today too, ...

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Art above the bed in a hotel room at Arte Luise
Modern Living
Just Across from the Chancellor's Office

Completed in 2003, our new hotel building boasts an interesting view of the government district from all rooms. The stairwell, elevator shaft, and hallways are made of exposed concrete, steel and glass...

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A red horse flies in the blue sky with clouds
Touching the Sky

With slanting ceilings and bare wooden beams, the rooms in the mansard are very popular and cozy. Situated on the third floor just under the roof...

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Exciting Topics about the hotel

Recorded by Arte Luise back in the early 90s
1994 - 2004

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Photo of two artists designing rooms in the hotel
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Man on a bicycle in Berlin at the East Side Gallery
Discover Berlin

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stairway of the philosopher

A view from above, from without, relativizes the narrow, immobile set of relations over which the gravity of the factual holds sway.


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Sit Down and Stay a While

Except for sculptures by the Dutch artist Hans van Meeuwen and a wall piece Markus Linnenbrink our lobby is otherwise functional. There is a comfortable seating arrangement complete with selections from the international press, a 24-hour reception with our knowledgeable and helpful staff, a free Internet terminal, a small snack and drink shop, and the branch of a bookstore providing reading material on the city of Berlin and its art and architecture.

Arriving at the hotel:

We are situated within view of the Reichstag building, the Spree river, Friedrichstraße, Unter den Linden, and the Brandenburg Gate.


The HABEL at the Reichstag has stood for one timeless idea since 1779: a beautiful fusion of fine wines and good home cooking in a simple, guest-friendly atmosphere. In the new heart of the city and the old one, it’s a place where Berlin residents, visitors, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs and ministers meet.