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  • single room shared shower and toilet in the hallway
  • room size 8 m
  • in the historical part of the building
  • 3rd floor 
  • facing the courtyard, openable window
  • bed 90 x 200 cm
  • carpeted floor

A Collective Storry

van Jovanovic (Belgrade)
A Collective Storry
A Collective Story. There is a saying: Names may change, but the true nature of things remains the same. Room 313 tries to depict this re-occurrence: man in confusion, trapped in a box, "travelling through Time" - the place happens to be Berlin.

Room 313 is also a very small archive. As such, wishing to grow, it invites those that spend the night or more to add their own history to its walls and so make it in effect a living story. Rm.313 is an invitation to a collective story.


Biography: Born 1974 in Belgrade, immigrated to Toronto in 1984 with parents and sister. 1992-96 Studies at York University Toronto, Bachelor of Fine Arts and 2000-2002 Sumatovacka School of Art in Belgrade. Since 2003 Ivan has lived and worked in London, Belgrade, Toronto and since 2009 in Berlin. Solo and group exhibitions in England, Canada and Serbia and New York City.