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  • double room with shower/WC
  • room size 13 m
  • in the new building
  • 2nd floor with lift
  • facing the railway
  • not openable sound insulating window
  • air conditioning system
  • double bed 160 x 200 cm
  • desk
  • wooden floor

Facets of a Moment

Ulli Böhmelmann (Köln)
FacettenAugenBlicke (Facets of a Moment)
The large window in the room offers a view to the monumental buildings that constitute the government district, which is crowned by the glass dome of the Reichstag. In between are the tracks of the train line, streets, and in the background the Spree River and the Chancellery. This is where you can feel the heartbeat of the city (with the various jackhammers of ongoing construction sites adding to the pulse).

Ulli Böhmelmann’s installation FacettenAugenBlick focuses on this view. “It summons associations with cell structures or corals and seems to have organic growth potential. But its white materiality turns [the shapes] into alien bodies. The open-ended tubes made of non-woven material both limit and dictate the view....The guests are thus inspired to try out different perspectives in order to gain a more complete image of their counterpart, the “world outside.” (1)

Shielding guests from the noisy world outside without shutting them off, the porous wall also lends the white-toned room a meditative atmosphere.

Ulli Böhmelmann, born 1970 in Mainz. Studied at the HfK Bremen from 1992 to 1998. Various fellowships in Germany and abroad. Since 1995 exhibitions in gallery and art institutions. Lives and works as an artist in Cologne.

(1)Katharina Stockmann “Windungen Bindungen,” in Ulli Böhmelmann – Windungen Bindungen, Nassauischer Kunstverein (Wiesbaden, 2012)


Born 1970 in Mainz. Studied from 1992 to 1998 at the HfK Bremen. Various scholarships in Germany and abroad, since 1995 exhibitions in galleries and art associations. Lives and works as a freelance artist in Cologne.