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  • double room with shower/WC
  • room size 18 m
  • in the new building
  • 1st floor with lift
  • facing the railway
  • not openable sound insulating window
  • air conditioning system
  • double bed 180 x 200 cm
  • desk
  • wooden floor


Andrej Wolff (Berlin, St. Petersburg)

The design concept is intended to offer the guest the unusual opportunity to use art to enhance his visual perception of the city center with a new perspective. The artist used a variety of photographs taken as a starting material during a helicopter tour over central Berlin. These photographs were evaluated for the room project and the Arte Luise Kunsthotel, located on the edge of the Tiergarten, was chosen as the reference point.

The mural shows the treetops of the Berlin Tiergarten from the height of 500 meters. By increasing the size and increasing the contrast, a picture was created rich in optical illusions and illusions. The phenomenon is known as pareidolia - the tendency of the brain, in its constant search for patterns and images in perception, to find these itself in random structures. The imagination of the viewer is stimulated to interpret and you can discover a variety of figures in the ornament of the trees of the Tiergarten

The large-format painting offers a picturesque panoramic view of the city center reaching to the horizon. With its complexity and rich colors, it reflects the vibrant melodies of the city that inspired the artist to this room.

A small-sized image provides a bird's eye view of the Arte Luise Kunsthotel, the viewer's current location. The imaginary relationship between the hotel space and the image will be reflected by this im-image.

Andrej Wolff

Born in 1978 in St. Petersburg, lives and works in Berlin since 1996, 1998-2004 Studies at the UdK Berlin, Faculty of Fine Arts (master class Prof. Wolfgang Petrick), 2000-2001 semester abroad at the Art Academy St. Petersburg (Faculty of Architecture) , 2009-2012 studio stay at the Kunsthaus Tacheles.