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Redesign of the rooms

The Arte Luise Kunsthotel in Berlin-Mitte is constantly changing. Every 2 to 5 years the rooms are redesigned by other artists. Overall, the house has about 50 rooms and 2 apartments.
As in the past, some of the rooms will again be designed by one artist each year. We would be pleased, therefore, to be able to interest further visual artists for our project.
In the design of the rooms, the artists should, beyond their studio work, come up with results that reflect the specificity of the place in their reflection. It should be included as possible the entire room in the consideration, whereby its functionality and the needs of the guest can not be ignored.
The artistic concept should be presented to us in the form of a draft by post or e-mail.
If the proposal of the artist is accepted, which is based not only on the quality of the artistic position but also on the compatibility with the hotel business and on the practical and financial feasibility, a contract is signed, the term (at least 2 years) the Künstlerobolus (approx 5% of room turnover pa),

the free accommodation for the artist (1 week p.a.) and the expense allowance (one-time payment for material and other expenses of the artist in connection with the design of the room from the signing of the contract).
The design of the room should be done in a well-defined period.The furnishing of the room as well as the other equipment, if it is not already part of the artistic concept, will be determined by the hotel in agreement with the artist.

If you are interested, please contact:

Arte Luise Kunsthotel
Christian Brée
Luisenstrasse 19
10117 Berlin
Tel: 030 284 482 00
Fax: 030 284 48299
E-Mail: Bree (at)