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Room 205 created by Nora Stalzer

double room with shower/WCroom size 15 min the historical part of the building2nd floor without liftfacing the railway not openable sound insulating windowair conditioning systemdouble bed 180 x 200 cmcarpeted floor

Loop (until January 2018)

Hotel room number 205 is structured as a carpet track. The carpet covers the ceiling and walls, and forms a 50 cm platform over the floor. All of the furnishings and functions of the room are integrated onto the platform. The room is meant to be only a form; the guest then defines the room through movement and use.
The view out the window is of the horizontal width and empty space of the government quarter, as well as the dynamic of the train. Even this view influences the definitive form of the "Loop" room.
Carpet tracks level the room and create layers to be handled by the guests' imagination.

Nora Stalzer works with levels to transform the room. The carpets flow over static and movable objects, which connect to walls and floors, and surround the entire space. The levels then become the "Loop."
The concept of levels is complex in the German language . For instance, a socio-political system breaks down into diverse levels and layers. The point is, regardless of what they consist of, the levels stretch over all definitions.
Nora Stalzer's installation uses a physical code as a basis. Products of French structuralism, her themes, forms, materials, reflections, and analysis are all borrowed from the world of architecture. They place a pattern directly over the filtered form.