Gerald Hartwig (Graz, Berlin)


SPY ROOM - Are you agent 301?

In the SPY ROOM you will be sent back on a journey into the the recent past of the cold war, the time of espionage and secrecy, when Berlin was the hotspot for duelling secret agencies.

In the hotel lobby you will be sent on your first secret mission. Find room 301. On the third floor, at the end of the corridor, there's supposed to be a room. But there's only a mirror with bullet holes in it.

Assuming you find the entrance to your room, a few surprises are already waiting for you in the anteroom. Behind a wall picture a spy hole allows you a secret glance onto an imaginary staircase, where something strange has happened or will happen. A set of binoculars enables you to spy onto the dome of the Reichstag and the surrounding territory, where the Berlin wall lay until 1989.

The ambiance of your room will finally bring you back in time. Interior decoration and tapestry of the epoch form the outer frame. At close range you will discover all kinds of gadgetry and tools a spy might need. A surveillance wall with a suspicious character gives the room an ironic conspirative touch, a dialog between spy and hotel guest ensues.

Bio: Gerald Hartwig, geboren am 10.11.1973 in Graz, 1992-1993 AO Studium Bühnengestaltung Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Graz. 1992-1993 Studium Kunstgeschichte und Sprache des Films Karl-Franzens Universität, Graz. 1993-1996 Professional studies in the entertainment industry, UCLA, Los Angeles, DIPLOM 1996. Lebt seit 1999 als freischaffender Künstler in Berlin.