Uros Djurovic (Berlin)

I ’ll get what I want

For this room, we are pleased to have recruited the young artist Uros Djurovic, who was included in Monopol magazine’s 2009 list of artists to watch.

As a child, Uros spent a lot of time in his father’s painting studio, and as a young person he was involved in the graffiti scene. Now he paints and draws, creates woodcuts and produces animated films from his works. His motifs tend to have a dark quality. Light and shadow are used to create somber urban scenarios. However, the aesthetic sequencing of the images in combination with intoxicating film music produces an utterly compelling atmosphere.

In the room the guest encounters a monitor showing the film I’ll get what I want with music by Alan Vega. The accompanying black-and-white room created by the artist, the films stills on the wall, and other accessories carry over the atmosphere of the film into the actual room. A weird, urban ambiance and a dark, cryptic film. Uros has created a room with a special “Berlin” sensibility.