The Arte Luise Kunsthotel is in constant transformation. Every two to five years we have our rooms redesigned by different artists. Altogether our hotel houses 50 rooms and two apartments.

As in the past, this year too, selected rooms will be redesigned respectively by one artist. We would therefore appreciate it if further fine artists would take an interest in our project.

In the process of room design we ask for creative results that go beyond the artists' studio work and that reflect and allow for the specific features of the site. At best, the entire room should be taken into consideration, whereby functionality and the satisfaction of guests' needs should be clearly kept in mind.

A draft of the artistic concept should be presented by e-mail or regular post.

Once an artist's proposal has been accepted, based on the quality of the artistic position as well as its compatability with the day to day hotel operation and on its financial and practical feasibility, a contract will be stipulated. The contract will settle its term (min. two years), the artist's compensation (approx 5% of the room revenue p.a.), free lodging for the artist (one week p.a.) and a reimbursement for material (lump-sum payment) and other expenses linked to the room design ex signing of the contract. The room design should be executed within a designated time period.

The furnishing of the room as well as further elements of the interior decoration, if not already included in the artistic concept, will be selected by the hotel management in accordance with the artist.

Please send your proposals to:

Arte Luise Kunsthotel
Christian Brée
Luisenstraße 19
10117 Berlin

E-Mail: Bree(at)