Oliver Jordan (Cologne)


For Camus, Diotima, the sun and the beautiful
Man does not live by bread alone. Since antiquity the philosophical art of living, the everyday behavior of philosophers, has been considered their true philosophy. While exploring this idea, artist Oliver Jordan discovered his particular admiration for three icons of philosophy from the Mediterranean region: Albert Camus, the prominent poet and philosopher from Tipasa, Diotima, who introduced the concept of the Dionysian to Socrates and the famous poet Sappho. He therefore wanted to dedicate a room to these individuals. His aim was to create a refuge in which the spirit of these great philosophers was expressed—through his images, the composition of color and materials in the room and with the support of texts by the non-fiction author and filmmaker Theo Roos.

Texts, an audio book and a documentary film by Theo Roos, along with additional materials about Camus, Diotima, the sun and the beautiful, are available in the room and at our bookstore in the lobby.