Nathalie Daoust (Montreal/New York)


The crazy Berlin of the 1920s: when this city was alive with Cabarets despite the economic crisis and the rise of the National Socialists. The erotic dance shows and diverse establishments of one of Berlin's hottest and most frivolous phases is the theme for this artist's room.

Nathalie Daoust became known as a photographer in 2002 with her book "New York Hotel Story." The project was then completed in Japan with "Tokyo Hotel Story," the phenomenon of the Japanese "Love-Hotels," in which lovers can withdraw into theme-hotel-rooms and are given an opportunity to live out their fantasies. Here in the Luise she herself has now created a room.

Red velvet and brocade, the bed draped with lace and exposed on a pedestal, with red lights, erotic dancers and the sounds of the old Paris-Moscow trains carry the guest back in time to the the atmosphere of the establishments of the 1920s and the old Berlin of Christopher Isherwood.

With that, the artist has traversed the area between dream and reality, and certainly has not ignored the human need for a flood of the fantasy world.