Stefanie Welk (Heidelberg)

Space for Reflection

Space for Reflection Under this motto Stefanie Welk invites the hotel guest to enter into a playful experience of the extension and closeness of space.

A wire sculpture seems to pierce the wall; reflective dots create the impression of an emerging twinkling sky of stars. The installation generates reflections of light; internal and external space seems to flow into each another.

Surrounded by metallic sparkles and immersed in a calming blue tone, the occupant of the room can look forward to letting the mind and spirit wander and indulging in reflections on the self and the world.

Stefanie Welk has been working with the material of wire since 1992. She bends it with her hands, knots or welds it and thus forms transparent sculptures. Often she places her wire objects in an exciting contrast to other materials such as steel, wood and natural stone.

Her works represent people in their many-faceted relationships to the world. First tightly wrapped figures result, and later come mythological beings. In the next developmental phase these beings expand into something spherical. Wires form force fields around the figures and thus make it impossible to clearly differentiate between a body and the space surrounding it.

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