„Fast so schön wie die Sixtinische Kapelle“ zitat
„50 Künstler gestalteten die Räume unvergleichlich. Individueller geht's nicht!“ zitat
„Berlin is worth a visit for this art hotel experience alone“ zitat
„Räume wie Träume“ zitat
„Ich danke allen, die hier etwas geschaffen haben, was einmalig ist: ein Hotel, in dem Kunst gelebt wird.“

zitat Dr. Tayfun Belgin
„Berlins charmantestes Hotel; ... faire Preise, allerbeste Lage.“ zitat
„This hotel is dangerous territory as it leaves you craving to go back“ zitat
„Alle Räume Unikate... man fühlt sich wie Alice im Wunderland“ zitat
„Im Künstlerheim Luise verschmelzen Wirklichkeit und Inszenierung“ zitat
„Hotel con aires de museo“ zitat
„Each room is a treasure chest of creativity and quirkiness“ zitat

View from Above

An experiment: philosophy in a hotel stairway. The "Philosophy of the Art of Life" has been articulated in 17 books by Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schmid and is intended to give a moment of pause and contemplation about the fundamental principles and possible manifestations of the art of life. This means living life so that one can say "yes" to the self, even when it is not easy or pleasant, but more difficult and painful, filled by an entire range of possible experiences, fulfilled by the full savoring and conscious practice of living..

The sentences were personally chosen by the philosopher for the hotel from a wide selection of publications. They have been arranged by their content into three groupings that begin at the bottom of the stairs on the ground floor and continue up to the mansard: introduction, main section, and climax. One finds sentences such as:

A view from above, from without, relativizes the narrow, immobile set of relations over which the gravity of the factual holds sway.

Explanations can be found on the display plaque on the ground floor and in the bookshop, where the philosopher´s current publications are on sale.

Additional information: about Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schmid

treppe des philosophen