„Fast so schön wie die Sixtinische Kapelle“ zitat
„50 Künstler gestalteten die Räume unvergleichlich. Individueller geht's nicht!“ zitat
„Berlin is worth a visit for this art hotel experience alone“ zitat
„Räume wie Träume“ zitat
„Ich danke allen, die hier etwas geschaffen haben, was einmalig ist: ein Hotel, in dem Kunst gelebt wird.“

zitat Dr. Tayfun Belgin
„Berlins charmantestes Hotel; ... faire Preise, allerbeste Lage.“ zitat
„This hotel is dangerous territory as it leaves you craving to go back“ zitat
„Alle Räume Unikate... man fühlt sich wie Alice im Wunderland“ zitat
„Im Künstlerheim Luise verschmelzen Wirklichkeit und Inszenierung“ zitat
„Hotel con aires de museo“ zitat
„Each room is a treasure chest of creativity and quirkiness“ zitat

Fifty Artists—Fifty Rooms—Fifty Artworks

A hotel designed by artists. From young art academy master students to renowned authorities; since the hotel’s opening in 1995, a different artist has conceived and designed each one of our rooms. Consistent, authentic, individual; only to be redesigned or taken over by another artist a few years later.

Individual, self-contained works created specifically for the rooms are found throughout the entire hotel. Whether a space for activity or contemplation, a small private room or a place in-between, whether performative, installative, or conceptual—apart from spatial considerations, there are no limits to the artistic creation of individual microcosms. And philosophical insights on the walls of the historically-protected stairwell escort guests there.

In designing the rooms, the artists go far beyond their studio work; they reflect upon the specific characteristics of the location as well as take into account the functionality of the hotel room and the needs of guests.

The art should be appealing, but it should also inspire and be impartial. Don’t trust the “first impression,” the deeper meaning frequently remains hidden.

Alone in the room with the art, one-on-one with the work that is created for the individual. In direct and unavoidable exchange, intimate, and “all night long.”

Thus the Arte Luise Kunsthotel is a place for a direct and unencumbered encounter with art, where time and space can be considered from a new perspective, and where completely new forms of artistic production, of exhibiting, and of experiencing are created.