Guests walking into a room at the hotel "Arte Luise Kunsthotel" find themselves within a work of art. Each room is unique, each room an artistic proposition, a museum, a gallery, an artwork and a place to inhabit.

A Berlin philosopher has added a dialectical dimension to the public areas of Luise. Sculptures greet guests in the hotel lobby. The director of a well-known public art gallery wrote about us, "This hotel is a place for art and an artwork of its own."

This has been made possible by over 50 artists who accepted the hotel's invitation to make a contribution. In designing different rooms artists have created scenarios that go beyond their work in the studio and reflect on the time, place, and situation of the traveler. The entire room is taken into consideration, usually including the furniture and other decorations.

The artists receive approx. 5% of the profit from "their" room as payment - a so-called artist obolus - a one-time compensation for materials and other costs, and a number of free overnight stays.

Most rooms are recommissioned every 2-5 years.

As the worldwide media response and the numerous guests of our house attest to the success of the unique project. This is our motivation for continuing to improve the quality of the hotel and offer new platforms for all manifestations of art with an outstanding niveau.